Nessa / Girl with the keys…

The two first met and developed instant chemistry.
The relationship evolves, and the speaker goes from just meeting this lady to wanting to spend the rest of his life with her.
‘O Nessa my dear, Nessa my dear’
The direct speech and the repeated mention of her name make the poem intense like the experience of being head over heels in love.
The questions also add a persuasive element to this intensity. The image of him inviting her to go with him and let her hair down (i.e. unveil her innermost feelings) appears so unreserved and honest, it certainly exposes the human experience of delving deeper into a serious relationship.
The repetition of the whirlpool/drowning lines is dynamic: the speaker is swept deeper and deeper into this relationship. Sibilance adds to this image through onomatopoeia, reminding the reader of a whirlpool. It may also mean that it was turbulent and perhaps difficult at times. Lastly, the changing of the pronoun from that to she to you shows deepening of the relationship and moves the focus from that, a fleeting romance, to her, that girl, to you, the apple of his eye.

The Girl With The Keys To Pearse’s Cottage
The Cottage was built into the side of a hill
The language is very clear, almost explanatory at times. The speaker is referring to the cottage that Padraig Pearse owned.The keys to Pearse’s cottage could be a symbol for the Irish language, or perhaps something else related to Ireland.
‘I recall two windows and cosmic peace
Of bare brown rooms and on whitewashed walls
Photographs of the passionate pale Pearse.’
Here the language is very descriptive. The adjectives, brown, pale, whitewashed create the image of an old photograph, and further attention is drawn to this image through alliteration (p in the last line). [Alliteration is the repetition of the first consonant in a series of multiple words.]
‘I used to sit in the rushes with ledger-book and pencil
Compiling poems of passion for Cait Killann’.
Poems of passion is juxtaposed with a nonchalant image of sitting in the rushes. [Juxtaposition is where two things are placed close together with contrasting effect]