January 1

Book Review ‘For All She Knows’ -Jamie Beck (ARC from netgalley.com)

Jamie Beck once again captures the nuances in female friendships, marriages and parenting, while at the same time keeping us interested in the plot hook dropped for us in the opening pages. She effortlessly takes us through the ups and downs of parenting and the judgement that groups within a society pass. Incorporating social media, marital challenges, communication and the reality of trying to do everything right, but still facing the fact that sometimes despite all that, the Universe will throw a spanner in the works, this is a thought provoking read,
Beck captures the doubt and insecurity every parent feels as they do what they think is right for their child, be it a reaction against what they experienced themselves or because they feel they are the ONLY one who will do it. The solitary journey of guilt and grief is explored in the dual narrative, often returning to the same fact- how far would you stretch your friendship and sacrifice another for your child’s missed opportunities, or the potential you see for them in their futures? The book leaves us with questions to ponder about the other residents of Potomac Point, but also about our own reactions and deeper insecurities about the boundaries we have set and expectations we have of others.


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